smoky citrine elestial quartz


elestial quartz are very powerful crystals in the sense that they allow us to access our multidimensional qualities, meaning they can bring us in contact with higher spiritual realms, angelic realms, and create a means of communication with these realms. through the use of these crystals, we can receive inspiration and insight and also assistance in terms of work within past lives & future lives. these crystals help us to ground aspects of the higher self into this physical realm.

the smoky qualities bring a deeper vibration of transmutation, allowing us to release old negative energies and stimulates healing at a deep level. 

the citrine qualities bring about an energizing energy of manifestation and empowerment. inviting us to tap into our inner strength and stand in our power and presence as we are meant to show up in this world. 

this is such a beautiful and dynamic crystal, which will really aid in the activation and transformation that would bring one to their true destined path or purpose.