shaman dream quartz

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also known as lodolite, each of these rare beauties contain a unique combo of chlorite, iron, rutile, some w/ phantoms and portals.

they hold many mysteries, are tied to soul transformation, strength, powerful manifestation, shamanic wisdom and journeying. 

the name “shamanic dream stone” came about because shamans used them for visioning~ to experience prophetic visions in dream states. 

in this way, they stimulate lucid dreaming and serve as a portal into other dimensions. they also used them to assist in their work of healing others. 

their beautiful energy is gentle and soothing, yet packs a powerful PUNCH of healing. 

which is why i find them really special, mysterious, and fascinating.

these crystals encourage deep self exploration, and due to their resonance with past life connections, facilitate incredible self healing through past-life trauma releasing. 

they’re extremely activating of the 3rd eye and crown chakras, assist us in our communication with higher dimensional beings, strengthen & and enhance our psychic abilities (specifically ESP), are a tool for allowing our consciousness to explore journey through various worlds. 

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