rocksacks. preorder


a lovely little idea of inspiration come to life!

we realized that the good old trick of crystals in the bra or pocket just wasn’t cutting it (raise your hand if you’ve lost too many moldavites 😆) and we all could use a sweet spot to put our crystal babies that we want to have on us! 🤗

we felt wildly lit up by this bright whim, and saw a real need for a product like this; a wearable crystal pouch...

a cute & stylish accessory that doubles as storage for your special gems! 🤩 [and other herbal goods 😉]

we’ve been super eager to share this and are proud to show our first official rocksacks.™️ 😍

rocksacks. are our original design, made locally with belgian linen and vegan leather. 

**since this is a preorder, please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping** 🥰