summer camp retreat


join us on a journey to the inner worlds... 

we've been called to form a container for those on this similar path; seeking to ascend spiritually. 

together we will travel to sacred sites which will serve us as portals to our divine temples within. 

we are honored to guide you all in this retreat, and hold each of you in a safe and sacred

space of unconditional love and acceptance.

in co-creation we will transcend our conditioned beliefs of perceived limitations, and tap into the subtle

  (yet infinite and ever present) life force energy so we may reach the highest heights and deepest depths

within our being.

 Mt. Shasta is known to have ties to Lemuria, and it is our desire to tune into this evolved consciousness

and receive wisdom from this ancient civilization, for our growth and evolution; as individuals and for the 

collective whole of humanity.

this potent Lemurian energy will be available to us, and will assist us in allowing ourselves to reach higher

dimensional planes of awareness... helping us attune to a harmonious, heart-centered reality of oneness.

in our ceremonies, and through our intentions, we will receive transmissions of this bliss~harmony~love

frequency, which will invoke a feeling or sense of wholeness and oneness within.

we have also received an inspired message that we will each have the opportunity to connect with our

own Lemurian spirit guide. this is so that we may align more fully with their energy, become a consistent

receptor for their guidance and wisdom, and merge with aspects of our higher self. 

when we begin to feel and activate that frequency within our own energetic field, we will emanate and

send a ripple out into the quantum field, transmitting an imprint of this love frequency through all those

who we come into contact with.