rainbow moonstone sphere

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known as a stone of mystery, intuition, patience, and divine feminine.

these crystals hold a strong yin energy; urging us to tune into and receive the loving, nurturing support of the Great Mother. She helps us learn to let go and surrender to the divine flow of Shakti.

She teaches us to notice the subtle shifts we experience in our being through seasons of change, lunar cycles, and shifting tides; encouraging us to sync with the natural rhythms of life.

She makes a wonderful tool for meditation; inviting us to dive deep into the hidden truths within our soul, and explore the darkest places of our being, knowing that She is always there - offering a reflection of our own inner wisdom and guidance.

She is very helpful in the recalling, processing, and releasing of past lives. with Her insight, we can more fully understand and let go of old karmic debts. also protects the auric body, dispelling any negative energies and entities.... aligning us to a higher vibration, opening up the crown chakra to higher awareness and consciousness.

on a physical level, moonstone balances yin or feminine energies, making it exceptionally useful in supporting reproductive health, fertility/conception, pregnancy, and  birth. but not just a stone for women, (as all of us hold both yin{feminine} and yang{masculine} energies within us.) they can be really great in helping men tune into and balance their own feminine / intuitive nature, or yin energy.