rainbow aura shiva lingam

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this wildly unique piece has a really special sort of energy!

shiva lingam are named after the Hindu god Shiva, and carry with them the energies of all of the elements. 

they deeply hold an energetic signature of the infinite potentials of life, and are often referred to as the “cosmic egg”

their powerful energies can stimulate an awakening of kundalini; meaning life force energies activate each energy center all the way up the sushumna (energy channel)  

shiva lingams are mostly known for their resonance with Lord Shiva  (the masculine creator, protector, and transformer of the universe), but they also hold the counterpart energy of the Divine, known as Shakti (the feminine primordial creative essence) 

these stones can aid in spiritual transformation, rebirth, enlightenment, balance within, and oneness with all life. 

also known to be very helpful in supporting fertility. 

the additional rainbow aura element of this particular piece brings about an extra super-vibrant, potent, high vibrational and balancing energy. 

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