rainbow aura quartz clusters


aura quartz crystals get their special coloring from a process in which a regular quartz cluster is placed into a chamber, and a precious metal (in this case, titanium) is vaporized and then bonds or adheres to the crystal, and this adds entirely new elements and energetic properties to the crystal. 

rainbow aura, aka peacock or titanium, is regarded as one of the most vibrationally intense.

these clusters bring vibrant energy, strength, and a zest for life.

activates and aligns all chakras/energy centers, stimulates Kundalini rising.

assists in astral travel, multidimensional cellular memory healing, and raises the vibration to a higher frequency.

clears away any negativity, helps to release low vibrational emotions such as resentmen, anger, or grief.  allows for more vital prana {life force energy} to flow through the body.

makes for an amazing tool to aid in the ascension process.