rainbow aura candle quartz

$58.00 $48.00

aka cathedral quartz/pineapple quartz/ atlantean lovestar

activates all chakras, but especially connects the heart to the throat chakra; supporting one in expressing oneself and communicating truthfully from the heart.

these beauties carry a profoundly strong energy and bring openness, balance, soothing, hope, and abundance.

known for acquiring access to spiritual wisdom, multidimensional consciousness, and inner guidance.

they are also regarded as one of the richest in relation to information stored within crystals among all in the mineral kingdom; carrying the energy of the most evolved soul potential.

it is said that they’ve been programmed by divine spirit entities to make it possible for us humans to access necessary knowledge for raising vibrational frequencies and evolve into the next level of existence.

the use of these crystals in meditation will bring a vast spectrum of Light and vibrancy into the energetic field and support a vitalized, balanced aura.

makes a great tool for lightworkers and healers.

there is an unimaginable amount of magic to receive from these aura cathedral quartz.


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