phantom quartz wand


phantoms appear as shadow like inclusions within a crystal, and occur when the growth of the crystal is halted or altered over the course of time, and then continues to grow again.

they serve as a symbol, reminding us of our multidimensionality as human beings.

the phantoms link us to higher dimensions of consciousness, and allow us to access beyond the physical realm, bridging the unseen to the seen.

they are exceptionally activating to the 3rd eye and crown chakra, stimulating our intrinsic ability to receive insight & inspiration from our angels, spirit guides, & the ascended masters.    

due to their high vibrational frequency, they bring about a higher perspective of awareness, which in effect, may clear out any old traumas and remove blockages within the energy system.

because of this quality, i also personally find their presence to be helpful in facilitating deep shadow work... enabling us to become aware of our negative patterns, limiting belief systems, and or karmic ties to unhealthy loops within our psyche... and aid us in taking the actions necessary to release these old stories and rewrite our own reality.