new year intention set

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looking for some extra support and amplification of your goals and intentions this new year?

i have carefully selected these crystals with mindfulness, and each one will aid you in the manifestation of your intentions in their own unique way. 

*labradorite ~ known for its transformational powers. inspires magic, setting intentions, new beginnings, psychic abilities, and purification of the aura. their curious energy helps you become more self-aware and brings you closer to discovering your dreams and unlocking your true destiny. 

*cookeite (blue smoke) quartz ~ the healer’s healer. clears out old stagnant energies. brings insight, illumination, and attracts angelic protection.  inspires flexibility, inner awareness, and self realization. 

*amethyst ~ eases stress, brings us back to center. fosters spiritual transformation, healing, calm, and clarity. deeper awareness, inner stillness, strengthens intuition, opens up crown chakra in meditation. spiritually protective, helps prevent psychic attack.   

*rainbow moonstone ~ a stone of cycles and new beginnings. carries a strong yin (feminine) energy. reminds us to tap into and trust our intuition.  balances emotions, allows for deep karmic releasing, helps us to embrace a new path. 

*polychrome jasper ~ vitality, inner strength, vibrancy, and  motivation. connected to the fire element and solar plexus chakra; to activate will power and action. also very stabilizing, centering, and grounding. gives you that extra boost you might need to keep on going. 

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