massive smoky quartz with golden rutile



this mega huge smoky quartz is a major powerhouse of a crystal!!  

smoky quartz is very grounding and stabilizing, yet in a gentle and subtle manner. 

known for being one of the most powerful crystals to transmute negative energies, smoky quartz makes an amazing meditation tool. 

relieve stress and anxieties by simply holding this piece in your hands, and let it work it’s magic. 

it’s deep energy encourages us to release and allow. 

inspires us to let go of old stories from the past and become open to new beginnings. 


the golden rutilations included bring an extremely powerful element to this piece,  and carry strong manifestation and motivation vibes.

gives us the strength to stick to our divine path, even when the going gets tough.

removes barriers to spiritual growth, and supports a change of direction in life (for the highest good). 

these rutilations also stimulate intense energetic clearing; filtering out any stagnant energies held in the chakra system. 



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