large slightly smoky (rose gold) rutilated quartz generator

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this slightly smoky rutilated quartz has all the dreamy vibes to carry you through the summer and all of her eclipse & retrograde craziness! 

rutile quartz is buzzing with energy, like an electric current surging through each and every gold strand traveling through the stone. this piece in particular, with it’s lovely rose gold-ish rutilationa, feels very clarifying and acts as a mega amplifier throughout the space.

rutilated quartz is also known to be a quickening crystal, perfect for speeding up manifestation, healing, conscious expansion, and even astral travel. 

a great aid if you’re looking to dive into the unknown of what’s before you.

allow the energy of the summer sun to pierce through you and course through you, same as the rutile brings light to all hidden truths.

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