hematoid quartz with azurite and malachite


this lovely collection of hematoid quartz (fire/red quartz) all have azurite and malachite growth formations on them! such a rare occasion! 
this unique combo makes for a really dynamic frequency, which helps to root in the higher spiritual energies.
the hematoid quartz carries an incredibly grounding quality and strengthens the root chakra, while the azurite and malachite work in the heart and third eye chakras.
fire quartz helps us to understand our emotions and decipher the difference from our unconscious patterned reaction to a conscious response.
this stone can actually help disperse anger and relieve tension or stress, bringing more clarity to the mind.
and the azurite and malachite are extremely activating to the intuition.
very great for filtering out negative energies and strengthening astral and etheric bodies, bringing protection from psychic attack.
altogether these babies encourage manifestation of abundance, strength, ambition, spiritual vision, emotional balance, and expanding consciousness.

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