hematoid elestial quartz


this beautiful variety of elestial quartz contains hematite inclusions, and is a unique and rare find. 

elestial quartz are very powerful in allowing is to connect with multidimensional realms, working as a link to accessing different times in space and higher levels of consciousness. 

in this way, they bring about deeper communication with the spiritual realms, as well as a transmission of higher vibrational energies. they also ground in aspects of the higher self into this physical realm. 

the hematite included in this piece, brings an even deeper grounding aspect, which also aids in the transmutation of any negative energies. it also serves as as “seeker transformer” meaning it can facilitate massive shifts or change for those who are looking to step into a new path and transform their life, especially in the spiritual aspect.

this crystal is an incredibly amazing tool to assist in spiritual awakening, activating the third eye and crown chakra so that the receiver may gain insight and perspective from the vibration of divine love. 

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