green aventurine yoni egg

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we are strong proponents for sexual health and wellness, and in our society this is something not talked about often enough! thankfully, i believe this paradigm is finally starting to shift  

we believe it‘s important that we normalize the sacred connection with our bodies, especially in regards to our sexual organs and sexual health. 

the practice of using yoni eggs is an ancient ritual, and has been passed down for generations, from culture to culture.

there are countless benefits of the use of yoni eggs, most significant being that they bring a beautiful opportunity for deep  self love and (physically) they bring strength/tightening to the pelvic floor and vaginal walls, which gives internal balance, youthfulness, and longevity. 

it is no coincidence that these babies come from the womb of Mother Earth, and are cut into the shape of an egg. 

they can increase fertility, promote hormone balance, and  bring rapid recovery to the vaginal muscles and perineum during postpartum. 

another amazing benefit is the increase in vaginal awareness/sensitivity. 

because the use of yoni eggs builds the vaginal muscles (like kegels), they provide control and manipulation of the vaginal muscles which increase pleasure for you and your partner! not to mention Kundalini awakening and activation! 

{kundalini is the life force energy stored at the base of the spine, which when activated brings about a surge of an electric current of energy rising up the spine - aka temporary enlightenment! } they also increase production of vaginal lubrication, detoxify the uterus, can help prevent urinary incontinence, reduce abdominal pain during menstruation, bring healing and transmutation to any unhealed womb wounds (such as suffering from miscarriage, abortion, sexual abuse, etc)

yoni eggs can enhance your life and bring you deep pleasure. 

the energetic qualities of green aventurine bring prosperity, harmony, heart opening, emotional release, and youthfulness.  

these are drilled, so that you may attach a natural, hemp string (for assistance) if desired.  (string is not included with purchase)

**yoni eggs are not recommended for women using an IUD, or during pregnancy before the third trimester

(ask your doctor for more information)