facial rollers

$30.00 $25.00

these are a wonderful tool to use as a self care ritual, and can help reduce wrinkles, soothe puffiness, calm & tone skin, improve lymphatic & blood circulation, tighten pores, eliminate toxins, and improve skin elasticity.

 on top of that, you also receive all of the beautiful metaphysical & spiritual qualities of each :

•rose quartz

opens the heart to unconditional love, compassion, & kindness. brings a deeper sense of self love, self esteem, & self worth. balances & harmonizes the emotions.



stone of luck, youth, protection, prosperity, & abundance. brings harmony of the mind, body, & spirit. encourages emotional releasing & healing, and self discovery.



facilitate emotional balance, enhance mediation, strengthen intuition, & increase a sense of hope & inner strength. instill a sense of self-worth, clear energy blockages, stabilize mood swings, and encourage us to surrender up all of concerns & worries.


•chevron amethyst 

serene & relaxing vibration. natural stress reliever. brings peace, calm, inner stability, & spiritual growth. supports sobriety, encourages deep sleep, & brings spiritual protection. 

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