chlorite phantom quartz with record keeper

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green chlorite is known as one of the most powerful healing frequencies.

combined with the magnifying, energy-clearing properties of clear quartz, this crystal is a potent detoxifying & purifying physical healer.

it’s energy is exceptionally uplifting and shifts you into an optimistic perspective.

the phantom formations of the chlorite forge a connection with higher realms and consciousness, allowing us to tap into communication with the higher self. 

 on this crystal, you’ll find what looks like a triangular etching on the face, this naturally occurring aspect is called a “record keeper”. this rare circumstance is similar to "akashic lines” in that it allows us access vast depths of knowledge and wisdom. although in this case it is not exactly so much that the crystal stores the data within it, but rather the record keeper serves as a link or portal to the infinite library of information stored in the akashic plane. 

chlorite also cleanses the energy bodies; aura, chakras, & meridians.

associated to the heart chakra, it helps to release negative emotions, allowing for more forgiveness, compassion, and kindness.

connects you to your spirit guides, and aids you in becoming more open & receptive to healing.

*a must-have tool for healers*

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