blue apatite palm stones


a stone of psychic activation, access to knowledge, exploration of past lives, lucid dreaming and dream recall. 

these deep blue babies have a cleansing influence on the auric field and especially the mental body. 

stimulates visionary activity, enhancing “vertical vision” in which one is able to see multiple layers of consciousness operating harmoniously and simultaneously. 

makes us more susceptible to “aha” moments, in which an understanding,  awareness, or download is received. 

its vibrational frequency  attracts “blue beings” of the higher realms, wether it be ETs like blue avians or deities like Krishna, it brings one into communion with them. 

 very uplifting to the mood and assists in astral travel. 

 also known to work with the thyroid and throat chakra to increase metabolism and help suppress appetite. 

*picked intutively*

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