big smoky lemurian seed with black tourmaline inclusions

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this big powerful guy is truly one of a kind! 

lemurian seed crystals are connected to the ancient civilization of Lemurian, also known as Mu. they have been seeded (or programmed) with messages of wisdom and healing, and the akashic lines (horizontal lines on the faces of the crystal) are a manifestation of this stored information. these crystals can assist us in accessing past life information and help us connect with higher consciousness and spirit guides. 

lemurian seeds shine a light on our emotional pains, so that we may experience deeper growth and self love.   

the unique smoky qualities and black tourmaline inclusions (the appearance of which is very rare!) bring in an extremely grounding & transmuting frequency.  that combined with the lemurian wisdom & assistance of our individual evolution, allows for some major releasing of, as well as protection or dispelling of, anything negative that could be blocking our spiritual progression.  

he’s also a warrior crystal, meaning at some point in this crystals life, he got banged up and bruised a little (small area on the point where a little chunk has broken off) which adds an element of resilience and steadfastness to the energy of this crystal. 

all in all, the vibration of this special piece is one of intense strength, like a strong and brave warrior; having the persistence, determination, and unwavering commitment to the destined path. 

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