Astro Crystal Club (pre-sale)


{this part is long, but so worth the read🙏🏼}


from the very beginning of Indigo Sun, a vision came through that was so strong, so big, so impactful, that most would laugh it off or say, "there's no way I could do that." 

but not us, our SOULS hunger for a future that is founded in love, prosperity, and healing for ALL! 

we are giving you a special preview of the next phase of Indigo Sun Crystals so that we may all join in a collective, energized vision to bring MAGIC into the NOW.

welcome to the Astro Crystal Club, a humble beginning to a whole new way of being. this monthly subscription plan is fun and cool and personal and brings deeper, personal insight every month. that is a beautiful value on its own, but the real power is in the platform that will drive it. 

we are stepping into a direct sales platform so that we can raise the vibration of the planet! and as we rise together, you each build into your own fulfillment + vision of the abundant life you know deep down that you deserve! 

this is my baby, my vision, my soul's purpose, and it is my honor to hold. Tiff, and I are here to stand as shepherds for higher self awareness, joy+fulfillment, self worth, financial independence, wealth, & energetic abundance. still feels a little vague? think Young Living or Doterra, with crystals! with a compensation plan designed to constantly be rewarding you for the small and large achievements in your business development. here's a little bit I can tell you about the comp plan so far (as we are still building and constantly adjusting to find the most powerful incentives for all) you will earn commissions up to 7 levels deep in your downline structure of those who get referred through you or through others within your tribe. its all based around the chakra system. 🤗

your first line of referrals are your ROOT and it moves all the way to the CROWN... "when you reach the CROWN your business becomes enLIGHTened!"

of course there will be so many rank incentives like retreats + REAL bonuses (dolla dolla bills ya'll)!! 

we are lit up in a way we can't even describe every time we see one of our people reach new levels in themselves, and just the thought of being able to offer a system that can afford abundance in so many ways takes us into ecstatic states. 😍


what can you do now to help us in supporting this vision? 

first, just holding this vision in your heart and contributing your love and belief in this creation sends a ripple out to the field that strengthens our co-created reality! 

I have just made the Astro Crystal Club available for Pre-Sale on the website. If this vision is calling to you, your financial support is deeply appreciated! money is an energetic exchange, and a reflection of love. this path will generate so much energy, therefore it requires a ton of energy to get off the ground. 

as a thank you for early support and your help in alchemizing this reality we will gift a soul-crystal intuitively picked specifically for you 😘


we thank you from the infinite well that is our reclaimed heart.

holding every one of you in the most divine love and light (that our humanness can hold😆) and we truly hope you can feel how much we mean that.


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