amethyst flower with chlorite


this variety of amethyst, which is grown in these interesting flower like shapes is unique and this variety with the chlorite included is especially rare! 

amethyst is a stone of integration, serenity, transcendence, spiritual protection. known to calm harsh emotions, encourage self control, relieve stress, & release addictive behaviors/patterns. aids in meditation & deep sleep. balances the energy body & polarities. strengthens the intuition, insight, psychic abilities. brings a sense of contentment and peace.


the chlorite mineral included is known as one of the most powerful healing frequencies. it is a potent detoxifying & purifying physical healer.

it’s energy is exceptionally uplifting and shifts you into an optimistic perspective. chlorite also cleanses the energy bodies; aura, chakras, & meridians. associated to the heart chakra, it helps to release negative emotions, allowing for more forgiveness, compassion, and kindness. connects you to your spirit guides, and aids you in becoming more open & receptive to healing.

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