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{aka spodumene} first discovered in Pala, California in 1902. 


connected (mostly) to the heart & crown chakras, although these babies’ incredible energies can really be utilized in working with any chakra. 

the exceptionally high vibration of these stones make them an amazing tool for working with mental and emotional healing, and encourage deep introspection & contemplation. 

known for the ability to absorb light and then give it out in the darkness. ignites the heart’s true knowing. removes the walls or barriers built up around the heart, due to fear or traumas. 

kunzite “activates the temple of the inner self. assists in re-remembering your soul and reveals the purpose of incarnation.” (-the crystal seer)


contains lithium, which makes it extremely uplifting and aids in bringing some relief to depression or anxiety. 

as the Divine Love frequency of this crystal penetrates the heart chakra, we become more open to unconditional love for all that is~ love of self, interpersonal love, love for humanity, plants, and animals... which then allows us to more deeply connect to the Divine. 

physically, these crystals can help ease stress and stimulate the  parasympathetic nervous system. 

can also be great to use in removal of unwanted vibrational residue from the etheric body. 

amazing tool for starseeds in helping adjust to the effect of the harsh energies here on earth. 💫


kunzite invites us to tune in to the quiet messages & wisdom of the heart, and as we come from the space of the heart, we may experience (as well as emanate) much more beauty & love in our life. 


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