elite shungite

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also known as noble shungite, or silver shungite, these awesome little guys hold a healing power that is incomparable to any other!

they are called the stone of life due to their healing and antibacterial properties, and are much stronger and more potent than your regular black shungite.

they are composed of nearly 98% pure organic carbon, and are the only known natural mineral to contain fullerenes, which are specific molecular formations of carbon that act as a powerful, long-lasting antioxidant.

elite shungite is also known for its power to absorb, eliminate, and detoxify any negative energies, as well as anything that may be harmful or toxic to the body. 

when used in your drinking water, these minerals naturally purify your water and imbed it with a beautiful, clarifying and cleansing vibration and frequency. 

also very helpful for relieving stress and anxiety and soothing insomnia.

**picked intuitively**

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