mercury retrograde survival kit

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what Mercury in retrograde means exactly is that Mercury will be in a resting state during this time. being that Mercury governs all communication, agreements, contracts, as well as codes, these aspects of our life tend to go a little haywire during these phases.

this is a time when it’s really important to slow down, pause, and be extremely considerate of the choices we make (probably smart to also avoid making big life decisions like buying a house or car or signing any contracts).

just like the winter invites us to slow down and turn inward, this season too reminds us to be extra mindful and aware, use our intuition over our logic, be exceptionally clear in our communication (to avoid arguments and misunderstandings), consider every angle when making decisions, and gather all the patience we can muster (especially with our technological devices 😅)


we’ve crafted this lovely little crystal {survival} kit to help support us through it!

stones included in this set are :: 

•rainbow aura quartz {balance, vibrancy, release}

•pink lemurian {wisdom, healing, evolution, connection}

•smoky quartz {grounding,let go of negative patterns/habits/emotions}

•howlite {strengthen intuition, receive messages & insight}

•aragonite {increase patience, find your center}

•amazonite {calm & peace, clear communication from the heart}

•fluorite {clarity of mind, better decision making}

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