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mineral of cleansing, clearing, expansion, & releasing. 

selenite is named after Selene, the mythical goddess of the moon, which makes these babies a beautiful tool for new moon or full moon rituals, as well as enhancing sleep or inspired dreamtime. 

known as the ultimate crystal for clearing & cleansing auras and protection. connected to the crown chakra, selenite brings clarity of mind, expands our consciousness, and infuses divine light into the body. 

use like a “magic eraser” by scanning the energy body. this quickly clears any negativity and unblocks stagnant energies. 

place a stick near a front door to swipe away any bad vibes from your day as you come home (or to clear away any unwanted energies in which your house guests may carry along with them ) place some sticks in each windowsill around your house to protect from negative or outside energies. 

selenite also has the power to cleanse, charge, and amplify other crystals. simply place your other crystals that need cleansing next to your selenite, and let it work it’s magic. 

{peach selenite - connected to Greek queen of the underworld, Persephone. shines light into our deep dark places; allowing us to understand our inner processes & integrate our shadow qualities. brings personal power, soothes the central nervous system. encourages a connection to the wise, divine feminine energy.}

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