sage + palo santo bundles


 there are many ways to “cleanse” a crystal, but one of the most well known ways -and our favorite- is by smudging. 

smudging is a common ritual or practice of burning herbs to cleanse a space/object/self to remove any unwanted or negative energies/entities. 

this practice has been used for thousands of years, in various cultures such as Native Americans, ancient Egyptian & Greek.

white sage is a natural antidepressant, the negative ions produced from smudging increases serotonin levels. the smoke from the sage attaches to any negative energies in the air, and as the smoke dissipates & clears, it carries the energy with, and transmutes it from negative to positive.  the word “sage” stems from the Latin word salvia, which actually translates to “healthy” or “to heal.”

it is a powerful antiseptic that can purify the air of harmful bacterias.

known to bring a peaceful state of mind, heighten spiritual wisdom, increase clarity & awareness, & encourage a sense of emotional well being.

 palo santo is a sacred wood which has also been around for many many years. historically used by shamans in the Andes for healing ceremonies and by the Incas for clearing negative energies. this holy wood cleanses & purifies a space, detoxifies body & energy, & supports emotional & spiritual health. palo santo has been said to inspire creativity, love, and bring good fortune. this sweet, grounding wood can help brighten your energy & promote feelings of positivity and joy.

to use:

light the stick or bundle, let it catch fire, then blow out the flame and let the smoke dance around the crystal, visualizing the smoke cleansing & clearing the energy of the crystal. 


a mantra or prayer can be used along with the smudging. 

for example:

“into this smoke, i release all negatives, densities, fears, and energies that no longer serve. 

i now ask that this crystal be surrounded by Divine light & love, 

and be used only for the highest & greatest good. 

and so it is.” 

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