mercury retrograde survival kit


cause you guys... it’s happening again!! 😩😆 (isn’t it always happening though?! 😂) 

this is a time when it’s really important to slow down, pause, be very mindful and considerate of the choices we make (probably also avoid making big life decisions😬), use our intuition over our logic, be as clear as possible in our communication (to avoid arguments & misunderstandings), and of course find all the patience we can muster within us (especially with our technological devices 😅) 

we’ve put together this lovely little crystal {survival} kit to help support us through it!

stones included in this set are :: 

•rainbow aura quartz {balance, vibrancy, release}

•pink lemurian {wisdom, healing, evolution, connection}

•smoky quartz {grounding,let go of negative patterns/habits/emotions}

•howlite {strengthen intuition, receive messages & insight}

•aragonite {increase patience, find your center}

•amazonite {calm & peace, clear communication from the heart}

•fluorite {clarity of mind, better decision making}

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