massive himalayan chlorite quartz cluster

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himalayan quartz is very special, because there is much effort and care that goes into retrieving these incredible crystals.

they are hand mined at the top of the himalayan mountains and brought down on the backs of yaks. they are very different from your regular variety of clear quartz, as they hold a much more potent vibration.

it transmits the most beautiful high frequency aura, with its soft pinkish hue, wrapping your energy field in bliss & lightness. bringing with it a higher perspective of the divine beauty of life; enabling you to view life through a rose colored lens.

you can see from the Akashic lines on all of the faces of the crystals, that they are spiritual teachers and hold loads of ancient wisdom and healing from ancient cultures.

these crystals facilitate deep spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. they are known to amplify and intensify spiritual transformation.

while most quartz are programmable, these crystals are not!

the information is there and all we need to do is be open to receive the tremendous healing & benefits.

•measures approx 12 inches by 10 inches 

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