chakras : our multidimensional nature (ebook by tiff delancy)


what is our energy body and why is it so important? 

in this ebook, tiff takes you on a deep exploration into the multidimensionality of the chakra system, it’s connection to our emotions and our state of being, and the untapped power we have accessible just at our fingertips. 

we take a look at and discover the link between quantum physics, various dimensions, the auric field, kundalini awakening, vibrational resonances, ego alignment, ecstatic and expanded states of consciousness, and present moment awareness. 

it’s time we merge the mystical aspects of spirituality into our modern human reality. 

whether you’re new to chakras and just beginning to dive in, or well seasoned in the subtle energy bodies, this book will bring you a new, expanded, multidimensional perspective.


*ebook is approx 20 pages in length.  

*ebook will be emailed directly to you as a pdf once purchased.  

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