chakra balancing set

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  • {muladhara} root ~

       color - deep red. 

       located at the base of the spine. 

       element of earth. 

       connection to Mother Earth, survival, physical needs,      security, financial, material world.

       *smoky quartz - grounding, stabilizing, centering, releases  negative emotions.


  • {svadhisthana} sacral ~ 

       color - orange. 

       located at the lower abdomen, womb space, sex center, reproductive organs. 

       element of water. 

       related to our emotions, sexuality, relationships, creativity, self worth.

       *carnelian - sensuality, courage, creativity, abundance, ambition.


  • {manipura} solar plexus ~ 

       color - yellow. 

       located at the stomach, just above the navel point. 

       element of fire. 

       connected to joy, self esteem, confidence, the ego, will, personal power, motivation, drive.

       *citrine - will power, manifestation, energy, happiness, strength.


  • {anahata} heart ~ 

       color - green. 

       located at the center of the chest. 

       element of air. 

       connected to love, compassion, forgiveness, harmony, sincerity, empathy, unity, gratitude, harmony.  

       *rose quartz - unconditional love, kindness, compassion, self love.


  • {vishuddha} throat ~

        color - blue / turquoise 

       located at the throat region. 

       connected to voice, sound, & hearing. 

       element of ethers. 

       connected to self expression, communication, speech, sharing our truth, listening.

       *sodalite - clear communication, truth, self esteem, expression, idealism.


  • {ajna} 3rd eye ~

       color- indigo

      located at the center of the forehead between the brows. 

      element of light / cosmos.   

      connected to the pituitary gland, vision, sight, sixth sense. 

      insight, memory, wisdom, dreams, intuition, psychic abilities, comprehension, decisiveness,  intelligence, self realization.

       *amethyst - peace, spiritual wisdom, psychic awareness, intuition, meditation.


  •  {sahasrara} crown ~ 

       color - violet / white

       located at the top of the head, the crown. 

       element of light / cosmos. 

       connected to the brain, nervous system, lymphatic system, pineal gland. 

       connected to higher / cosmic consciousness, Source, God, Divine embodiment.

       *clear quartz - clarity, intuition, healing, clairvoyance. 


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