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The Akashic Records have been referenced throughout time and history. we’ve heard about it in various religions and ancient civilizations, where it has also been called “the book of life” and the “mind of God”.

The Akash is a higher dimensional plane of perspective which contains the substance of life; the information of all that ever has been, all that is, and all that will be. 

We each have our own unique Akashic Record or “soulprint” (like a fingerprint for our soul) where all of our experiences, memories, thoughts, actions, emotions, etc from all past and future lifetimes is stored.

The Akashic Records are so incredibly and incomprehensibly massive, that it is much too immeasurable for the human mind to comprehend.

Therefore, we connect in by tuning into our masters, teachers, and loved ones. They assist us by being the messenger between us and our Higher Self and they relay the information that is most relevant, pertinent, and serving of our highest good at that particular moment.   

In a session, i will open up your personal records by coming into an expanded state of consciousness and we will inquire about specific questions you may feel called to explore.  (questions that are most helpful are ones that delve deeper into understanding aspects of significant relationships, circumstances, career paths/purpose, etc) 

*there really is no wrong question to ask, but i feel it necessary to remind that this is not a psychic reading, i cannot tell you what will happen in your future or when... there is always the possibility of witnessing the potentialities for the future, but the most important thing which i feel strongly about informing people, is that you are the ultimate creator of your reality, and the beauty of this life is that you always have the free will to choose.

What’s even more beneficial and powerful than the words that come through, is the energetic transmission received from the reading. only 10% of what is received through a reading is verbal. (and there is usually alot that is spoken, so that gives an idea of the amount that can be received on an energetic, quantum scale!)  So the more that you can allow yourself to come into an open and receptive state, the more you will be able to receive from the reading. 

It is one of my greatest joys to sit in service of others, and especially in the intimate and loving space of the Akash. It is, i believe, my highest calling... to be a channel for divine information and wisdom to come through, and i hold this with reverence and honor. It is my intent to provide a sacred and safe space for others to be seen in the frequency of unconditional love. 

Once you have purchased your reading, or if you have further questions or inquiries, please send an email to tiff@indigosuncrystals.com to schedule your session.

A few tarot and oracle card pulls will also be included in your reading. 

sessions last around an hour and a half and will be done via FaceTime or Skype (if in person is not accessible).

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