Intuitive Crystal Subscriptions

be surprised and delighted every month with an intuitively picked crystal subscription!

based on astrology + good vibes

each month we hand select high vibrational healing crystals for YOU! Yes, you specifically.


our experience and expertise in guiding others to the right crystals to meet their energetic needs, coupled with our understanding of intuitive energies means you get a joyous and uplifting gift delivered to your door every month.

all of our crystals are personally picked by toph + tiff, energy cleansed, and reiki infused with divine light and magic with the highest and greatest intention for you.


it is within our highest vision to share love and healing with others, not just as customers but as members of our own community. our constant goal is to reflect that in our business by compensating you generously for sharing our brand with others. this isn't just a subscription plan, it is also a financial opportunity.. for YOU! all subscription members receive an affiliate compensation for every new subscriber that comes through their link.

now, here's where we go a bit beyond.



all CROWN members are not only entitled to the first order compensation (at a higher percentage rate!!) but you also have the ability to receive monthly commissions up to 3 LEVELS DEEP! That means you are benefiting from the subscription referrals you bring on, their sign ups, and the new members a level beyond that!

experience monthly magic / receive money magic

not only could your monthly order pay for itself, but you also have the potential to receive monthly commissions as far as you can (lucid)dream!

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